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Jeremy Brooks

Richmond, CA


I’m a senior software engineer with demonstrated ability to design, implement, and maintain complex, enterprise-class systems that must run 24/7. I have some experience working on front-end web systems, but my focus is on high-performance, multithreaded backend systems written in Java.

  • Highly skilled in Java J2SE technologies, including networking, threads, and Swing
  • Objective-C for iOS/OSX applications
  • Advanced Linux skills, including system administration and scripting
  • Experience working with Oracle and MySQL databases
  • Experience working with LAMP/HTML/XML technologies
  • Experience leading teams through project design and completion
  • Ability to communicate with key stakeholders to define requirements and expectations
  • Comfortable working alone or as part of a team

I have been programming since I purchased my first computer, a Commodore 64, in 1983. I wrote my first serious program — an inventory control, order processing, and billing application — in R:BASE while working part time for Ecko Products during high school. Since then, I have held several different positions, but have always been able to apply my programming skills to solve various problems and improve business processes.

Over the last several years, my primary focus has been developing and improving NX, Business Wire’s patented simultaneous news delivery system. I have been involved with this system from initial conception and design, through major increases in performance, up to the current system version. In addition to the NX system, I have worked with and led teams designing and developing virtually all of Business Wire’s delivery systems, including the systems that feed regulatory agencies, email systems, and high-volume FTP/SFTP delivery systems.

Recent personal projects include desktop software to assist with Flickr photo management, Java libraries to access the Flickr and Wordnik API’s, and software for iOS devices. Many of these projects are free and open source.

I have contributed code to several open source projects, including GAIM (now Pidgin), and in 2005, I won the category of “Best Music Application” in the TiVo Developers Challenge for a music quiz game called Music Monkey.


Business Wire, San Francisco, California

April 2008 – present: Senior Software Engineer

  • Architect on project to upgrade security and access control across the enterprise, bringing company into compliance with parent company guidelines
  • Decreased downtime required for code deploy by creating an Ant-based build and deploy system
  • Conceived and built monitoring and control software allowing authorized personnel to automatically switch operations from San Francisco datacenter to New York datacenter and back
  • Designed and implemented changes to core news delivery systems, allowing Business Wire to track delivery and propagation of news releases as they are viewed on the internet while increasing delivery capacity
  • Assisted with project to deploy a Wiki, resulting in increased team communication and project documentation
  • Architect on project to replace legacy Oracle Forms desktop software with browser based application
  • Coordinated migration from CVS to Subversion and Ant to Maven

April 2005 – April 2008: Senior Software Developer

  • Conceived and built software to allow log monitoring and process control of multiple programs at the same time
  • Increased Business Wire’s competitive advantage by increasing performance and capacity of news delivery systems
  • Designed and implemented a control panel based on Apache, Tomcat, and Struts to allow centralized administration and control of Business Wire’s news delivery systems
  • Delivered software to communicate with financial regulatory agencies in different countries, allowing Business Wire to expand operations globally
  • Architected and built a high-volume delivery system based on FTP/SFTP to deliver news releases to hundreds of partners and media points around the globe
  • Co-inventor of U.S. Patent 7069245, simultaneous network news distribution
  • Participated in hiring, training, and supervising new team members

April 2001 – April 2005: Software Developer

  • Key member of team assigned to migrate news delivery from legacy satellite based system to modern internet based system
  • Instrumental in launching new news delivery system successfully and on time, increasing Business Wire’s simultaneous delivery capacity by orders of magnitude
  • Wrote components of a Swing-based text editor
  • Designed and implemented server and client side components of secure internet-based news delivery system
  • Created system allowing Business Wire to send and install software updates, including new versions of the Linux kernel, to client machines in the field
  • Responsible for building and hardening Linux boxes to run our proprietary software in client datacenters
  • Installed and configured CVS server for developers
  • Authored software development standards document

April 1999 – April 2001: Helpdesk Support Engineer

  • Responsible for troubleshooting and repair of PC hardware and software, including proprietary Business Wire software
  • Took the initiative to identify manual processes in editorial and sales workflow that could be automated, then built software to do the work

Memtek Products, Santa Fe Springs, California

1995-1998: Helpdesk Technician/Supervisor

  • Led tech support department for Memorex computer hardware products
  • Wrote troubleshooting and installation documents for Memorex computer hardware products
  • Developed trouble ticket database and knowledge base