My latest iOS application, X of 365, went live on the App Store yesterday. It is a simple application, designed to help with 365 photo projects by telling you the ordinal day of the year.

When the application starts, it displays the current date and which day of the year it is. You can change the date, or tap on the bottom half of the screen to bring up a menu. The menu will take you back to the current date, copy the text ‘x/365’ to the clipboard (where x is the ordinal day of the year), or show an About dialog. You can also shake the device to return to the current date.

It is a simple application, but I have found it very helpful when tweeting my daily mostly365 shots, and I have a few features planned for a future version that will make it even more useful for 365 projects. I wanted to give it a steampunk look and feel, and the graphic design by Olivier Zibret really does the trick.

The application is free, and can be found on the App Store. I have been using it on my own iPhone without issues, and it should work on any device with iOS 4.0 or higher. If you experience any issues with the app, please let me know.